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Even though it will be impossible to locate every single victim of a massacre in Africa, we want to remember the victims so if anyone knows the names of any victims or victims families that were involved in a massacre, please let us know. We are doing everything humanly possible to use donations as well as find sponsors to help those victims or victims families that were involved! A few dollars or even food will be appreciated!

Listed below are the mass killings that have taken place and each one includes a list of victims that lost their lives to a massacre. To donate or add a victim or victims to a massacre that has taken place, click on one of the massacres below. Even though our website will not bring back the victims, each victim that violently lost his or her lives will always be remembered.
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• Leliefontein Massacre
• Setif Massacre
• Bisho Massacre
• St. James Church Massacre
• Algerian Village Massacres of the 1990s
• Shell House Massacre
• Kareeboomvloer Massacre
• 28 September Massacre
More murdered victims in Africa
Ain-Defla massacre
Baloul massacre
Batna-Msila Road massacre
Beni Ali massacre
Béni Ounif Massacre
Beni-Messous massacre
Bentalha massacre
Berrouaghia prison massacre
Blida Massacre
Boufarik Massacre
Chouardia massacre
Dairat Labguer massacre
Guelb El-Kebir massacre
Haouch Khemisti massacre
Omaria massacre
Oran massacre of 1962
Oued Bouaicha massacre
Oued El-Had and Mezouara massacre
Rais massacre
Sétif and Guelma massacre
Si Zerrouk massacre
Sid El-Antri massacre
Sidi Daoud massacre
Sidi-Hamed massacre
Si Zerrouk massacre
Souhane massacre
Tadjena massacre
Tenes massacre
Thalit massacre
Tiarit Massacre
Wilaya of Relizane massacres
Itaba massacre
Mamluke massacre
1945 Cairo pogrom
Ras Burqa massacre
Luxor massacre
Kosheh Massacres
2004 Sinai bombings
Nag Hammadi massacre
2011 Alexandria bombing
2011 Imbaba church attacks
Maspero demonstrations
2009 Guinea protest
Chuka Massacre
Garissa Massacre
Lari Massacre
Turbi Massacre
Wagalla Massacre
1945 Tripoli pogrom
1948 Tripoli pogrom
Abu Salim massacre
Warehouse in Khalida Ferjan, Salahaddin
Gargur District
Camp outside Bab al-Azizia
Odi massacre
Yelwa massacre
2009 Boko Haram Uprising
2010 Jos massacre
2011 Abuja United Nations bombing
2011 Damaturu attacks
December 2011 Nigeria clashes
December 2011 Nigeria bombings
January 5-6, 2012 Nigeria attacks
January 20, 2012 Nigeria attacks
April 2012 Kaduna massacre
June 2012 Kaduna church bombings
July 2012 massacre
Kibeho Massacre
Nyarubuye massacre
Gikondo massacre
Massacre by William Unek
Massacre by Richard Komakech
Massacre by Banda Khumalo
Massacre by Alfred Ogwang
Massacre by Lazaro Obwara
Massacre by Jebir Ben
Massacre by Bulelani Vukwana
Massacre by Abdullah Saleh Zaid al-Kohali
Massacre by Peter Karanja
Massacre by Callie Delport
Massacre by Mohsin Yahya Munassar
Massacre by Cornelius Van Heerden
Massacre by Siavash Rahmani-Aqdam
Massacre by Nebil Ehlil
Massacre by L.S. Hasebeng
Massacre by Sibusiso Madubela
Massacre by Barend Hendrik Strydom
Massacre by Johan Nel
Massacre by Amara Ben Ahmed
Massacre by Paul Johannes Meyer
Massacre by Berri Khan
Massacre by Jamin Mukobero Muchika
Massacre by Christopher Kasoma
Massacre by Elias Siboza
Massacre by Raul Herod
Massacre by Piet Lubbe
Massacre by Johnny Jooste
Massacre by Abdallah Byekwaso
Massacre by Theophil Kamili
Massacre by Lios Feher
Massacre by Lemison Kapambe
Massacre by Devakaparsaud Haripaul
Massacre by William M'Maroo
Massacre by Jacobus Johannes van Heerden
Massacre by Stephanus Andries Johannes Swart
Massacre by Suleiman Khater
Massacre by Chippa Mateane
Massacre by Abdullah Ahmed Barkani
Massacre by Sylvester Beukes
Massacre by Gavin Beukes
Massacre by Germain Nabeneza
Massacre by Soera Brotto
Massacre by Ahmed Daqamseh
Massacre by Nicholas Mucunguzi
Massacre by Abdu Ahmed Mohammed Nasser Al Harazi
Massacre by Malam Kaigama Alhaji Jikurko
Massacre by Africano Abono Lino
Massacre by Amou N'Talit Tademalit
Massacre by Yigit Bekce
Massacre by Mehmet Karahasan
Massacre by Bawa Michael
Massacre by Fred Ngobi
Massacre by Mohammad A
Massacre by Mahmud Taha Ahmad Sueilem
Massacre by Jamshid Soleimani
Massacre by Petrus Lafras Lombard
Massacre by Ali Ali Rasheed
Massacre by Viateur Nkurunziza
Massacre by Andrew Wanyama
Massacre by Kibor Yego
Massacre by Abdallah Ahmed Yahia Zeid Ghassan
Massacre by Ayman Mohammed Hassan
Massacre by Mustapha
Massacre by Jubran Musa'id Qassim Ash-shami
Massacre by Christo Brian Fortune
Massacre by Abdul-Fattah Saleh Ali Al-Ghamri