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Ever wonder if massacres happen for a reason? Whether a massacre happens on January 1st or December 31st, knowing what days massacres have not happened on should be taken into consideration. Click on the calendar below to find out what dates massacres have taken place over the last 100 years in Africa!
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The Latest Massacre - The 2009 Guinea junta massacre
In the West African country of Guinea at least 157 people were killed and 1,200 wounded at a protest yesterday, according to the Guinean Organization for Defense of Human Rights. Security forces reeking of alcohol opened fire on 50,000 people who had gathered at the capital’s main soccer stadium for a rally against junta leader Captain Moussa “Dadis” Camara, who took power in a military coup last December.

Perpetrator - Guinean uniformed security forces
Massacre Date - September 28, 2009
Massacre Location - Conakry, Guinea
Massacre Deaths - 157
Massacre Injuries - 1,253

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